Transparency Statement


We want to be transparent with members about how this community is run and the funding we receive.

How we organise and who we are 

The Participatory Grantmaking Community is currently a collective of volunteers who work hard to organise our events and online spaces. There are 10 people currently in our working group but this group is not closed and we want to make it as inclusive as possible. If you are interested in getting involved in a more proactive role please drop us an email: [email protected]

Currently involved in the working group are:

  • Jen Bokoff
  • Khadra Aden
  • Meg Massey
  • Ben Worbel
  • Natasha Friend
  • Sarina Dayal
  • Kelley Buhles
  • Diana Samarasan
  • Katy Love
  • Winifred Oliff
  • Hannah Paterson

We try to support Community members to organise around topics or themes of interest, to share their work and to host their own events with our support. If you are interesting in organising a gathering, an event or to share your work please get in touch: [email protected]

We currently are not an organisation. We are looking to establish ourselves as one but we want to work with the Community to design and develop what this could and should be. Whilst we are doing this we are eternally grateful to Impatience Ltd who are supporting us on this journey, they are incubating the Community whilst we set up as our own organisation.


So far we have received small financial contributions from The National Lottery Community Fund, Lankelly Chase and Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. This funding totals approximately £10,250.

We have used this funding to design and develop the website as well as collate, theme and develop the resource library. We have also spent some funding on a zoom account for our online meetings.

We are looking for ways to financially support the work that we do, we have grown incredibly quickly within the year and are struggling to maintain the level of support we provide for the community on a voluntary basis. If you would like to have a conversation about how you might financially support us please do get in touch no matter how small a contribution – [email protected]

We plan to spend future funding we receive to help us in a number of areas including:

  • Paying our speakers and facilitators for their work
  • Using a participatory approach to develop a governance structure for the future entity/organisation
  • Website updates and upkeep, as well as our zoom account
  • Admin support – general organizing
  • Learning – helping us to understand what the community wants and needs
  • Resource development – develop resources, tools and learning sessions for the Community as required