About the PGM Community

Who We Are

Founded in March 2020 as an informal group of a dozen people, the Participatory Grantmaking Community has grown to more than 1,400 people in 73 different countries.

Our members represent a wide range of actors within philanthropy and the social sector.


Our Mission & Vision

The Participatory Grantmaking Community is a global collective of individuals and organizations interested in sharing knowledge and practice to improve participatory grantmaking and encourage its use within philanthropy.

We believe that when grantmaking processes are designed and owned by communities themselves, philanthropy will be more effective, democratic, and just.

The Work

We support each other through peer-to-peer learning, resource sharing, and advocacy.

  • Peer-to-peer learning – deepening relationships between community members.
  • Deep Dive – sharing best practices and resources around participatory grantmaking, including examples of what has worked and what hasn’t.
  • Advocacy – influencing the field of philanthropy to be more transparent, equitable, accountable and democratic.

Our Community Values

  • We are driven and guided by a core set of values: self-determination, anti-oppression & equity, accountability & transparency, and moving with care, love, and joy.

    Read our full set of values

Our Governance Structure

  • We operate under a participatory governance structure, with volunteer leaders and a paid Accountability Circle. To find out more, read our Governance Handbook here.

Who We Are

We are governed by an elected Accountability Circle (learn more) made up of PGM Community members who work at community-led funds.


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