Participatory Grantmaking- NYC Meetup

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EDT FREE
32 Old Slip 32 Old Slip NY 10005 United States

Anyone who is interested in Participatory Grantmaking is welcome.

The PGM Community is built on relationships, growth, challenge, and connection and we will be centering this through the event. To that end, we would love to engage with community decision makers, communities and individuals who have benefited from participatory funding, as well as funders already doing or interested in participatory grantmaking.

There will be no set agenda.

This will be an opportunity to come together, build connections, ask questions, and engage in conversations that we hope help you build your networks and improve the work we are all doing to shift power to communities. Expect joy, laughter, learning, connection and community! The gathering is free to attend but costs us to deliver. If you would like to financially support the Participatory Grantmaking Community, visit here : Open Collective

Excited to see you there