Strategic Priorities for 2024-2025

Based on feedback from the community, the Consensus and Accountability Circles have identified the following focus for the Community over the next two years

New Track: Start Well

We will curate programming focused on supporting community members who are just getting started with a participatory practice.

New Track: Deepening Practice

We will provide targeted support for long-time PGM practitioners – helping them deepen their practice and push the field forward.

Sector-Wide Accountability

We will work to hold philanthropy practitioners accountable to embed participatory values in their work.

Community Accessibility

We will work to make our resources more easily accessible to all community members.

Organizational Health

We will attend to our internal needs around values-aligned governance, equitable decision-making, and sustainability.

Past Sessions

Over the past 3 years we’ve hosted 21 deep dive learning webinars on various topics of particular interest for PGM practitioners.

Past Sessions

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