Who We Are

Who We Are

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Founded in March 2020 as an informal group of a dozen people, the Participatory Grantmaking Community has grown to more than 1,400 people in 73 different countries.

Our members represent a wide range of actors within philanthropy and the social sector.

Accountability Circle

The Accountability Circle is a decision making body for the PGM Community to ensure that our work and strategy is of service to the community we serve, and is in alignment with its core mission and values. It is made up of people who represent community-led organizations, the majority of which come from the global majority. It was created through a community nomination process. All decisions are currently being made jointly by the Accountability Circle & Consensus Circle.

Coco Jervis - Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands; works at Mama Cash; speaks English

Mark Greer - Based in Detroit, USA; works at The Transforming Power Fund; speaks English

Mariana Reyes - Based in Monterrey, Mexico; college in New York City; works at YYPN (¿Y yo, por qué no?); speaks Spanish, English and learning French

Theophilus Odaudu - Based in Abuja, Nigeria; works at Disability Rights Fund; speaks English and two local Nigerian languages (Igala and Hausa)

Callum Pethick - Based in London, England; works at Blagrave Trust; speaks English

Stella Kawira - Based in Nairobi, Kenya; works at Red Umbrella Fund; speaks English

Colleen Jankovic - Based in Los Angeles, USA; works at Rawa Fund; speaks English

Learn more about the Accountability Circle

Consensus Circle

The Consensus Circle is a decision making body for the PGM Community that has been running the organization since its founding. It is made up of any volunteers from the community who commit to consistently showing up for meetings. All decisions are currently being made jointly by the Accountability Circle & Consensus Circle.

Arianne Shaffer - Based in Toronto, Canada; works at Kindle Project; speaks English

Ben Wrobel - Based in Connecticut, US; works at Proximate; speaks English

Emily Sullivan - Based in Basel, CH; Consultant; speaks English

Hannah Paterson - Based in Manchester, UK; works at TransCap Initiative; speaks English

Kelley Buhles- Based in Basel, CH; Consultant; speaks English

Natasha Friend - Based in London, UK; works at Camden Giving; speaks English

Sarina Dayal - Based in New York, US; works at Candid; speaks English

Our Governance Structure

We operate under a participatory governance structure, inspired by values of shared leadership, collaborative decision making, transparency, accountability and solidarity.

Read our Governance Handbook

Thanks to those who have helped us along the way!

We are grateful to all the people who have been involved in getting this community up and running:
Khadra Aden
Jen Bokoff
Ella Hingley
Katy Love
Meg Massey
Kate Moralee
Diana Samarasan
Jelena Stephenson
Jeree Thomas
Winifred Olliff

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