PGM Community Tuesday Peer Support

8-9 am BST / 9-10 am CET / 1:30-2:30 pm IST / 7-8 pm AED

Peer Support: networking, sharing and troubleshooting with others in the community

The PGM Community monthly peer support sessions are back! No membership required, just bring yourself (or a couple members of your teams) to these  support sessions to discuss with others all that makes Participatory Grantmaking work (and not work!).

We usually prepare two focal points for the sessions and you can choose which of these two discussions is of most interest to you depending where you are on your PGM journey.  The questions that will be discussed in May are:

Q1 ( for those new to PGM): How do we ensure young people and youth voice is integrated into the PGM Community of Practice? How do we ensure we put young people's voices front and centre? Where do they sit in the / our decision making processes?

Q2 (for those more established in PGM): What avenues for young people involve unrestricted funding in PGM? How do we ensure young people have the application process and approach that empowers and supports them, rather than asking them to mould into existing systems?

These sessions are held on Zoom. All of our live and recorded webinar events offer closed captioning for the hearing impaired. If you have additional needs in order to attend and/or participate, please email us your specific requests on and we'll aim to accommodate.

Please note that we host the same meeting twice — you can choose either the #TuesdayPeerSupport (first Tuesday of the month 8-9 am BST, 9-10 am CET, 1:30-2:30 pm IST, 7-8 pm AED) or the #ThursdayPeerSupport session (first Thursday of every month  9-10 am PST, 12-1 pm EST, 5-6 pm BST, 6-7pm CET). Please choose whichever one works for you 🙂