PGM Past Sessions

Over the past 3 years we’ve hosted 21 webinars on various topics related to participatory grantmaking, here are some of our favorites: 

Popular Sessions

The intersection of PGM & Trust Based Philanthropy

The Future of Participatory Grantmaking

Building Power Through BIPOC Leadership

Practical Sessions

Safeguarding and Participatory Grantmaking

How To Use Digital Participatory Platforms?

Participatory Grantmaking and Conflicts of Interest

Operationalising Participatory Grantmaking

Models of Participatory Grantmaking

Evaluating Participatory Grantmaking

Community-led PGM

Indigenous-led Participatory Grantmaking

Girls & Youth-led PGM

Southern Black Farmers Community-led Fund

Research & Reports

PGM & Impact on Community Movement Building

PGM, Traditional Funders and the U S National Landscape

Mapping PGM
in the UK

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