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Participatory grantmaking is as much art as science. We’ve curated resources and best practices about how to shift power effectively, equitably and authentically

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking

For practitioners starting out with participatory grantmaking or looking to refine their own participatory processes, understanding the minutia how other foundations approach this work can be invaluable.

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Paying Decision-Makers

6 April 2021

Cameron Bray & Anne Shewring

Cameron Bray, Learning & Participation Manager at Barking & Dagenham Giving and Anne Shewring, Programme Director at Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving , reflect on their experiences with compensating people for their time spent on participatory processes.

Categories: Blog.

Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking: Brooklyn Community Foundation

15 March 2021

This is part of a series of brief stories that feature the work of participatory grantmakers from Grantcraft.

Categories: Stories. Format: PDF report. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 3 pages.

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Participatory Grantmaking Webinar

5 September 2020

Noorain Khan, Cindy Gibson, Katy Love, Caroline McCoy, Sarina Dayal& Jen Bokoff Kristen Cambell

Hear from practitioners who have practiced participatory grantmaking at the local and national levels. Speakers will discuss the impact of participatory grantmaking through first-hand stories and describe the challenges and successes to the approach.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Basics. Format: Video. Source: Pace Funders. Length: 75 minutes.

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Participatory Grantmaking 101

13 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

A video recording of the first in a series of webinars on participatory grantmaking, which addresses participatory grantmaking basics.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Basics. Format: Video. Source: YouTube (Hannah Paterson). Length: 58 minutes.

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How to do Participatory Grantmaking Online during COVID-19

18 May 2020

Winifred Olliff & Katy Love

This brief article provides practical tips for funders who want to launch, expand, or continue their participatory practice in the context of a global pandemic where in-person meetings are impractical.

Categories: Practical. Tags: COVID-19. Format: Online Article. Source: Alliance Magazine. Length: 1000 words.

Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking: Disability Rights Fund

15 April 2021

GrantCraft by Candid

This is part of a series of brief stories that feature the work of participatory grantmakers from Grantcraft.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Disability Rights. Format: PDF report. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 5 pages.

Participatory Philanthropy (NZ Report)

15 March 2015

Lani Evans

This report describes the results of a 2015 Winston Churchill Fellowship on participatory grantmaking.

Categories: Stories. Format: PDF report. Geography: New Zealand. Source: Philanthropy New Zealand. Length: 25 pages.

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Grassroots Grantmakers: Embedding Participatory Approaches in Funding

1 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

This report was produced by Hannah Paterson to summarize her exploration of participatory grantmaking during her Winston Churchill Fellowship. It explores different participatory models, provides practical tips, and unearths important themes in this area.

Categories: Practical. Tags: featured. Format: PDF report. Source: Winston Churchill Fellowship. Length: 73 pages.

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Giving Up Grant-Making Power: Lessons learned from 10 years of Shared Gifting Circles

12 December 2019

Kelley Buhles

This case story explores the approach of RSF Social Finance to implementing giving circles, where participants decide among themselves how to distribute funding among one another.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Power. Format: Online Article. Source: Medium. Length: 1500 words.

Systemic Change through Participatory Grantmaking, Hannah Paterson, Winston Churchill Fellowship (October 9, 2019)

9 October 2019

Hannah Paterson

This article describes the approach of the Other Foundation in South Africa for achieving systemic change through particiaptory grantmaking.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Systemic Change. Format: Online Article. Geography: South Africa. Source: Medium. Length: 1000 words.

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