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Participatory grantmaking is as much art as science. We’ve curated resources and best practices about how to shift power effectively, equitably and authentically

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking

For practitioners starting out with participatory grantmaking or looking to refine their own participatory processes, understanding the minutia how other foundations approach this work can be invaluable.

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Transparency Statement

26 March 2021


Transparency We want to be transparent with members about how this community is run and the funding we receive. How we organise and who we are  The Participatory Grantmaking Community […]

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Monitoring and Evaluation for Participatory Grantmaking

1 January 2016


This report was produced by the Baring Foundation as they explored participatory models. The discussion paper is based on interviews with dozens of practitioners and includes definitions and key themes related to participatory grantmaking.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Evaluation. Format: PDF report. Source: Baring foundation. Length: 16 pages.

Participatory Grantmaking in Palestine: Taking the Time to Make it Just

27 May 2019

Colleen Jankovic & Moukhtar Kokache

Describes the participatory approach of RAWA’s Creative Palestinian Communities Fund.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Community. Format: Online Article. Geography: Middle East. Source: Global Fund for Community Foundations. Length: 1300 words.

Hannah Paterson, Participatory Grant-Making at the National Lottery Community Fund

1 November 2020

Rachel Stephenson Sheff & Gaby Cervera

Discussion for fundraisers who are curious about how to navigate PG and for funders who are curious about how to implement it.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Fundraising. Format: Audio. Source: What Donors Want. Length: 53 minutes.

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A Look Back at the Lankelly Chase Power Inquiry

11 October 2019

Joe Doran

Brief article that describes how participatory grantmaking fits into Lankelly Chase’s Power Inquiry.

Categories: Advocacy. Tags: Power. Format: Online Article. Source: Lankelly Chase. Length: 1300 words.

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Practical Ideas For Participatory Grantmaking

6 May 2021

Camden Giving, London's Giving & London Funders

This resource aims toaddress the practicalities of implementing participatory grantmaking (PGM) with place-based funders.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Operations. Format: PDF report. Source: London Funders. Length: 31 pages.

Participatory Philanthropy with Rose Longhurst

1 October 2019

Rhodri Davies & Rose Longhurst

Rose Longhurst discusses participation in philanthropy and her experience of radical approaches to grantmaking with Edge Fund (and others).

Categories: Stories. Tags: Movements. Format: Audio. Source: Giving Thought. Length: 60 minutes.

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Deciding Together: Shifting Power and Resources Through Participatory Grantmaking, GrantCraft

2 October 2018

Cynthia Gibson & Jen Bokoff, GrantCraft by Candid

This report shares lessons learned from participatory funders around the world.

Categories: Practical. Tags: featured. Format: PDF report. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 61 pages.

Questions for Funders to Reflect on

14 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

At the Participatory Grantmaking 101 session I did a reverse Q&A where I asked the attendees a number of questions to reflect and ponder on and I invite you to do the same.

Categories: Blog. Tags: featuredBlog.

Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking: Disability Rights Fund

15 April 2021

GrantCraft by Candid

This is part of a series of brief stories that feature the work of participatory grantmakers from Grantcraft.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Disability Rights. Format: PDF report. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 5 pages.

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