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Participatory grantmaking is as much art as science. We’ve curated resources and best practices about how to shift power effectively, equitably and authentically

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking

For practitioners starting out with participatory grantmaking or looking to refine their own participatory processes, understanding the minutia how other foundations approach this work can be invaluable.

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Participatory Grantmaking Community Privacy Policy 

26 March 2021

Participatory Grantmaking Community

The Participatory Grantmaking Community respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. In short we’ll never sell, lend or give your information to anyone outside of the […]

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking:Catherine Donnelly Foundation

15 March 2021

GrantCraft by Candid

This is part of a series of brief stories that feature the work of participatory grantmakers from Grantcraft.

Categories: Stories. Format: PDF report. Geography: United States. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 4 pages.

Let the Movement Decide

15 March 2015


This detailed report examines FRIDA’s particiaptory grantmaking experiences over five years.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Women & Girls. Format: PDF report. Source: FRIDA. Length: 41 pages.

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Participatory Grantmaking 101

13 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

A video recording of the first in a series of webinars on participatory grantmaking, which addresses participatory grantmaking basics.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Basics. Format: Video. Source: YouTube (Hannah Paterson). Length: 58 minutes.

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Participatory Grantmaking: A Test of Rubric Scoring Versus Popular Voting Selection in a Blinded Grantmaking Process

10 December 2019

Wojcik, Oktawia et al

This article addresses the design of this approach to grantmaking and, specifically, whether changing the decision-making process in addition to changing the decisionmakers has an effect on how grants are allocated. It examines the design of two grant review processes — one based on popular voting, the other a more traditional rubric approach — and compares their outcomes to learn whether a more open and discursive process based on popular voting for grantee selection helps to overcome bias against small organizations.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Decision-making. Format: PDF report. Source: The Foundation Review. Length: 11 pages.

Participatory Philanthropy with Rose Longhurst

1 October 2019

Rhodri Davies & Rose Longhurst

Rose Longhurst discusses participation in philanthropy and her experience of radical approaches to grantmaking with Edge Fund (and others).

Categories: Stories. Tags: Movements. Format: Audio. Source: Giving Thought. Length: 60 minutes.

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Five reasons to support participatory grantmaking, Rose Longhurst, Edge Fund

7 August 2017

Rose Longhurst

This consice aritcle describes five benefits of participatory grantmaking.

Categories: Advocacy. Format: Online Article. Source: Alliance Magazine. Length: 800 words.

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Putting Participation in Participatory Grantmaking

9 February 2021

Khadra Aden

If we are doing Participatory Grantmaking by just inviting people to engage in the work that we do, in the way that we do it, without any wrap-around support we are always just setting them up for failure. The most exciting and rewarding part of my role is working with community members to help them make funding decisions.

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Systemic Change through Participatory Grantmaking, Hannah Paterson, Winston Churchill Fellowship (October 9, 2019)

9 October 2019

Hannah Paterson

This article describes the approach of the Other Foundation in South Africa for achieving systemic change through particiaptory grantmaking.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Systemic Change. Format: Online Article. Geography: South Africa. Source: Hannah Paterson (Medium). Length: 1000 words.

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Redestributing Power

15 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

A video recording of the second in a series of webinars on participatory grantmaking, which addresses power.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Power. Format: Video. Source: YouTube (Hannah Paterson). Length: 57 minutes.

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