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Participatory grantmaking is as much art as science. We’ve curated resources and best practices about how to shift power effectively, equitably and authentically

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking

For practitioners starting out with participatory grantmaking or looking to refine their own participatory processes, understanding the minutia how other foundations approach this work can be invaluable.

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Mechanics of Participatory Grantmaking: Haymarket

15 March 2021

GrantCraft by Candid

This is part of a series of brief stories that feature the work of participatory grantmakers from Grantcraft.

Categories: Stories. Format: PDF report. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 4 pages.

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Grassroots Grantmakers: Embedding Participatory Approaches in Funding

1 January 2021

Hannah Paterson

This report was produced by Hannah Paterson to summarize her exploration of participatory grantmaking during her Winston Churchill Fellowship. It explores different participatory models, provides practical tips, and unearths important themes in this area.

Categories: Practical. Tags: featured. Format: PDF report. Source: Winston Churchill Fellowship. Length: 73 pages.

Insight on PGM: Diana Samarasan, Disability Rights Fund

20 September 2018

Diana Samarasan

Categories: Stories. Tags: Disability Rights. Format: Video. Source: Grantcraft. Length: 3 minutes.

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Getting Your Board on Board with Participatory Grantmaking

5 January 2020

Hannah Paterson

This article offers tips for addressing common concerns that board members at traditional funders may have about participatory grantmaking.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Board. Format: Online Article. Source: Medium. Length: 1800 words.

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Participatory Grantmaking: Has Its Time Come?, Ford Foundation

12 October 2017

Cynthia Gibson

Detailed paper arguing for the importance of adopting participatory models in philanthropy.

Categories: Advocacy. Format: PDF report. Source: Ford Foundation. Length: 51 pages.

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Dealing with power relations in participatory grantmaking

21 December 2017

Menno Weijs

This brief article explores the experience of FundAction with including funder representatives in its particiaptory grantmaking processes.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Power. Format: Online Article. Source: FundAction. Length: 1500 words.

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From silos to solidarity: Can grantmaking be part of movement-building?

15 March 2021

Alliance Magazine

This brief articles makes connections between participatory grantmaking and movement-mbuilding.

Categories: Advocacy. Tags: Movements. Format: Online Article. Source: Alliance Magazine. Length: 800 words.

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Evaluating Participatory Grantmaking

19 November 2019

Hannah Paterson

This brief article provides recommendations for evaluating particiaptory grantmaking work.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Evaluation. Format: Online Article. Source: Medium. Length: 1400 words.


How should we decide?

3 December 2020

Winifred Olliff

This brief article outlines a spectrum of group decisionmaking techniques that are applicable in the context of participatory grantmaking.

Categories: Practical. Tags: Online article. Format: Online Article. Source: Medium. Length: 1100 words.

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Giving Up Grant-Making Power: Lessons learned from 10 years of Shared Gifting Circles

12 December 2019

Kelley Buhles

This case story explores the approach of RSF Social Finance to implementing giving circles, where participants decide among themselves how to distribute funding among one another.

Categories: Stories. Tags: Power. Format: Online Article. Source: Medium. Length: 1500 words.

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